Live Events (FAQs)
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What happens if the recording does not start?
How to invite staff without a Unibuddy account to your live session
How to add Chat Rooms to Microsite events?
How to share your Powerpoint presentation?
How to record a Live Session on my Event?
How to edit a Live Event?
How to download a Live Event Report?
How to invite prospective students to your Live Event?
How to invite Staff to participate in Live Events?
How to add a Live Stream?
How to add hosts to your Live Stream?
How to play pre-recorded video content within a Livestream (Chrome ONLY)?
Can I change the order of my Live Sessions on my Microsite?
For Live Sessions that run over two hours, will the recording be split?
How can I delete a Live Session recording?
Why are there multiple session recordings on the list?
Will attendees know if the event is recorded?
How to clone your Live Event?
What does the Live Event recording contain? Will the recording show the Event Chat?
How to pin a message?
Who can participate in Unibuddy Live Events?
Can I live stream while using Safari or Firefox?
Why can't I share my application window for PowerPoint?
Is there a test environment for Unibuddy Live Events?
Will there be an automatic warning before the Live Event ends?
What happens when a prospect signs up for a Live Event?
What themes make successful Unibuddy Live events?
Can students receive calendar invites after registering for a Live Event?
What happens if the Live Event time overruns?
Does Unibuddy send reminder emails for upcoming Live Events?
Can we change the date on the Student registration email?
Can I see a list of prospects who signed up for a Live Event?
Can we download a transcript of the Live Feeds afterward?
How far in advance should I create a Live Event?
How do I see how many prospects attended a live event?
Are there limitations on the size and functionality of Unibuddy Live events?
What should I do if an event link takes me to an error page?