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How to add Chat Rooms to Microsite events?
How to add Chat Rooms to Microsite events?
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In Microsite events, Admins now have the ability to add Chat rooms that can run parallel to their Live Sessions.

To add Chat rooms to your Microsite events, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your University Dashboard.

  2. Select Events from the navigation bar, then click on the Microsite option.

  3. Find the designated event, then select the Edit Event icon next to it.

  4. Within the Edit Event area, select the Chat rooms tab.

5. From there, select the Add a new chat room icon button.

6. Fill out the title and description of your Chat room, then click Save.

Once you've created and saved your Chat rooms, they will appear on your Microsite events as follows:

See the screenshot below to view what it looks like when a user clicks into an individual Chat room:

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