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How do I see how many prospects attended a live event?
How do I see how many prospects attended a live event?

Report on number of prospects that attended an event

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You can view the number of new and existing prospects that attended your Live Event by navigating to your University Dashboard and following the steps below:

  1. Select the Events option on the navigation panel, then click on the Webinar Experience option.

  2. Click on the Event Details icon located next to the Event Link.

In this area, you will also see how many messages were sent in each Live Feed and a breakdown of which countries your attendees were from.


* The number of prospects you would see within the Live Feeds during a Live Event is the unique number of prospects who actually viewed the Live Feed. This number is cumulative and not a live counter. Therefore, you would not see the number decrease as the prospects leave the Live Feed.

** The Event Details page is not updated in real time. Therefore, please refresh your browser page to see the latest attendance information.

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