How to download a Live Event Report?
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Once a Unibuddy live event has concluded, a live event report will be available for download within the University Dashboard.

To download this report, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the University Dashboard and select the Events prompt on the navigation panel.

  2. Select Webinar Experience, click on the Past events option, then select the live event you would like to download a report from.

  3. Click on the Export Prospects to CSV option which will generate the report. An email will also be sent to notify you when the download is complete with a link to the Live Event Details page. This email will not contain the live event report.

4. After the link directs you back to the Live Event Details page, you can then select Download Report.

PLEASE NOTE: An Admin will not be able to download a previously exported report if it was exported over an hour ago. This report would need to be re-exported. Unibuddy does this to keep data from being outdated, as you can export a report any time, including before or during an event where the data will be changing.

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