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Multiple Areas of Study (Majors & Minors)
Multiple Areas of Study (Majors & Minors)
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University Admins now have the ability to define the Degree Types, as well as add/edit/archive Degree Levels, for their institution. This allows Student Ambassadors to select their degree(s), along with their specialization type (majors, minors, etc.).

Degree Level is the course level that is studied, such as Undergraduate or Postgraduate.

Degree Type is a level of focus for the degree or area of study, such as whether this degree is a major or a minor.

To create those Degree Types or Levels, follow the steps below:

  1. Once logging into your University Dashboard, navigate to the Features prompt under the Customization drop-down menu. From there, switch on the Categorize area of study into degree types option.

    Once enabled, all present degrees would be mapped to the degree type Majors. Admins can then map their current or new degrees to degree types. There is a predefined list provided to the Admins to add and update degrees with degree types.

  2. Once the feature has been enabled, select the Degree Levels and Types option under the Customization drop-down menu on the navigation panel.

From there, you can add, edit, or archive your current Degree Levels, as well as view your current Degree Types.

3. Under the Degrees section, you can map multiple Degree Types with your Degrees.

To map your degrees to a specific Degree Type, click the box next to your desired degree, then select Update Degree Types. This will allow you to choose from a list of Degree Type options.

Once you have chosen the correct option(s), select Update Degree Type(s).

4. Admins can also define the Degree Type(s) order that will display on their widget filters as well as the Ambassador Buddy Cards. This can be done within the Ambassadors section under the Customization drop-down menu.

Once the Degree Type(s) and Degree Levels have been mapped, Student Ambassadors would be able to edit this information in the profile section of their Ambassador Dashboard.

Additionally, prospective students would then be able to filter Ambassadors on your widget based on the Degree Types and Areas of Study.


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