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Interpreting your Community Analytics
Interpreting your Community Analytics

Taking action from your Community analytics

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Your Community analytics, accessed within the Community tab in your admin dashboard (more on that here) showcase key figures on the student participation within your Community. You can also use the date range to track engagement over time and compare activity at varying points.

Let's look a little deeper at each element of your Community analytics.

NEW! Enrolment insights:

Upload a list of your enrolled student email addresses and click Generate insights. We will cross reference this with the email addresses of your Community members, so you can gauge the impact of your Community, by showing you the percentage of users within your Community that went on to enrol.

Total messages sent: The total number of messages sent across your Community, including messages in public groups, private groups, and direct messages.

Email invites sent: This is the total number of email addresses you have added into your Community (under Users). If you have sent out the invite link through your own CRM, you won't see anything here.

Students: The total number of student users within your Community.

Student ambassadors: The total number of your student ambassadors, or buddies, active in your Community.

University admins: The total number of university admins active within the Community.

Staff ambassadors: The total number of your student ambassadors, or staff buddies, active in your Community.

Messages sent by role: The split between different types of users messaging in your Community - students, ambassadors/buddies, and university admins.

Messages sent by group type: The number of direct, public, and private messages that have been sent. This tracks individual messages sent. Direct messages are one-on-one messages between two people, and public and private shows you the total number of messages that have been sent in public and private groups.

Chat groups by type: The number of chat groups within your Community. Direct chat groups are the number of one-on-one pairs sending direct messages, public is the number of public chat groups you have created (including deleted groups) and private is the number of private chat groups that your students or ambassadors have created.

Messages by Day/Week/Month/Quarter/Year: This tracker lets you visualise messages sent over time, and can be adjusted to cover different increments of time. You can track the impact of communications that were sent out to your students, and invites sent to Community.

Public group overview: All of your public groups, created by admins, and listed in order of the most populated first, with the number of members, and number of messages sent within each group.

Private group overview: All of the private groups, created either by admins, ambassadors, or students themselves, listed in order of the most populated first, with the number of members, and number of messages sent within each group.

Most common student nationalities: This breaks down the spread of nationalities within your Community. All students select their nationality on sign-up, so you will be able to capture this data for each individual Community.

Student confidence metrics: Your student confidence metrics are an invaluable resource to gauge sentiment among your students, and drill down into what information you can provide to boost confidence in their decision to enrol with you.

For a more detailed look at your student confidence metrics - please see this related article!

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