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How to access your Community analytics.
How to access your Community analytics.

This is where all your community data analytics have been collated and are accessible to download.

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Community analytics is now available on the University dashboard. See below a step-by-step guide on how to access this for your student communities.

  1. Log into the University dashboard as an admin.

  2. Click on the community tab from your dashboard.

  3. Select one of your student communities on this landing page.

  4. You'll see the different tabs for your student community (Users, Groups, Analytics, Settings).

  5. Click the analytics tab to see all the data associated with that particular Community.

You can download the data directly from the dashboard in various formats -- a CSV, XLSX or PNG file.

  1. While on the analytics page, you will need to move your pointer around the top right corner of any of the rectangle boxes to see the download feature.

  2. Select your preferred file format for the download and this should be saved on your computer once the download is completed.

Please Note:

The data from these analytics will not show the names or email addresses of those that have joined the community.

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