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How can I customise ambassador profiles?
How can I customise ambassador profiles?
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As a university admin, you can replace the student ambassador profile fields that appear on the buddy card preview of the chat platform(Widget), buddy card traffic driver, and course buddy platform traffic driver.

  1. In your admin dashboard, head over to the Customization tab and then select Ambassadors.

  2. Scroll down to the buddy card customization section.

  3. On the buddy card customization section, you will see default options already added which is the current view of the preview cards.

    Note: If you have degree types enabled as a feature, then option 1 would appear as “Area of study” instead of the “I come from” field .

  4. You can replace these profile fields with any other option you would like to add by selecting them from the dropdown. These options also include any custom fields created, as well as default fields provided by Unibuddy

  5. Option 4 will always be the “About me” section and it can't be changed, re-ordered or replaced.

  6. Once you have added the new options in the order you wish to have, click Save so the newly updated fields appear on the chat platform, buddy card traffic driver, and course buddy platform.

  7. The newly updated fields will now appear on the buddy preview cards as shown in the screenshot below.

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