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How can I edit the student ambassador's profile details?
How can I edit the student ambassador's profile details?
Written by Kushagar Mehta
Updated over a week ago

A new feature gives admins greater control over the profile details of their student ambassadors. With this update, admins can now edit the profile information of their ambassadors directly from the platform. This will make it easier for admins to manage their ambassadors and ensure that their profiles are up-to-date. This can be achieved in a few steps:

  1. On University Dashboard click on the Buddies and Manage tab to view active student ambassadors on the platform.

  2. Admins can view profile details by clicking the profile picture or the first name of the student Ambassadors on the buddies list.

3. They can directly edit the profile as well by “Edit Action” on the list of Student Ambassadors or can edit it by viewing the profile details.

4. Admins won't be able to change the profile picture, first name, and last name of the student ambassador while editing the profile details.

5. Once edited click on the “Save” CTA in-order to reflect changes.

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