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Get the most out of “Updates” in Unibuddy Community
Get the most out of “Updates” in Unibuddy Community

Stand out from the crowd to your admitted students, maximize the upcoming yield season, communicate key information and dates to students

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Students told us that having the right information, at the right time, would make them feel better prepared and more excited about attending college, school or university. Here’s how you can help:

Step 1: Create a list of upcoming dates, events, and information admitted students need to know to remove barriers to enrollment.

Here's some examples:

  • Open houses/open days

  • Live events and webinars

  • Deposit deadlines

  • Applications for housing, funding, and visas

  • Orientation and induction events

Step 2: Add yourself, admins, your student ambassadors and staff to your Community so they can all post messages into “Updates” from your Community.

Step 3: Enrich your Community with relevant and accessible content to help provide incoming students with a snapshot of life at your institution.

Here's our examples:

Informative content

Engaging content

Student requested content

Announcements, such as an upcoming live event or webinar

Photos to build a snapshot of life on campus - aesthetic images, clubs and societies in action, historic buildings, recommended coffee shops

We asked students what information they need to pick your institution as their top choice. The results of this survey are live under Analytics in your Community dashboard

Dates for the diary, event reminders (e.g. open houses/open days) and deadlines for visa applications, housing, and funding

Consumable chunks of content such as 3 Desert Island items ambassadors wouldn’t have left for school, college or uni without, seminar essentials, or links to student-created blog posts

Use these results to generate the content your admitted students want to see, nudging them over the line to enrollment

Guidelines for using Community, ensuring the best experience for all

Event listings - build excitement by signposting to arts and culture, gigs, and sports events

Post Updates to coincide with your email communications, highlighting your email comms’ key points

PDFs can now be shared in Community - upload important forms, documents, campus maps, or reading lists

Lend your Updates channel a fun and aesthetic edge by posting GIFs

Refresh and delete Updates when they are no longer relevant, making Community a one-stop shop for the most credible information

Step 4: Encourage ambassadors to post once a week to keep the momentum going and get your students excited!

Here's some ideas for your ambassadors:

  • A POV-photo of their study set up

  • Bitesize tips on focus whilst studying

  • 3 best student deals around town

  • A pdf Campus Map, highlighting landmarks around campus

  • Fun and topical GIFs to add a lighthearted touch

Using Community “Updates” with other communication channels:

Updates is another channel to add to your communications toolkit, and can work hand in hand with your existing communications strategy.

Existing communication channels

Community Updates


Objective: Suitable for longer-form content, topics and detail

Objective: suitable for quick, bite-sized information that aligns to your longer-form content


  • Guides to early and regular admissions applications

  • Accommodation options

  • Orientation week schedules and directions


  • Share a blog to read

  • Share a live session to attend with a key date

  • Share a schedule summary

  • Link a group chat for a conversation to join

  • A quick reminder of an application date closing

  • A pdf of an application form

See it in action

Resources to help you get started

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