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How do I export my Buddies/Ambassadors to CSV?
How do I export my Buddies/Ambassadors to CSV?
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To export your Buddies/Ambassadors to a CSV file, follow the instructions below:

First, navigate to the Buddies tab within the University Dashboard. From there, select the Buddies you would would like to appear on the CSV file.

After selecting the Buddies you would like to appear on the CSV, select the Export Buddies to CSV button in the top right section of the page.

This will create a prompt that will ask if you'd like to export filtered data (if you have

chosen to filter your data) or if you want to export all of the data.

After you select Download, this will send an email notifying you that your export was ready. From there, select the HERE prompt.

This link will re-direct you back to your University Dashboard. From there, you can select Download Report which will download your CSV file.

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