How should I recruit Ambassadors?

Some tips on how to select your Ambassadors

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Recruiting Ambassadors

First things first, you need to recruit some Ambassadors! Every university or institution is unique, but the following top tips will benefit all types of Unibuddy platforms.

How do I select Ambassadors?

When choosing your Ambassadors, we recommend selecting a broad range of passionate and proactive students from across the university or institution. Attributes to consider:

  • Nationality

  • Languages Spoken

  • Degree Course

  • Hobbies

All of these can influence a prospect and encourage them to start a conversation. Ultimately, prospects are looking for someone they have something in common with, so the broader the range, the better.

How many Ambassadors should I select?

The overall Ambassador total will depend on the following:

  • How many different courses do you have?

  • How many key audiences you are looking to engage with?

  • Do you cover all levels of study?

Remember though, quality is just as important as quantity. Ambassadors who are proactive and confident will excel on Unibuddy, and make a real impact on the prospect journey.

How many Ambassadors should I start off with?

If you do not have a large, diverse group of Ambassadors when you launch your platform, that’s not a problem.

You can always start with a smaller number of 10-15 well-trained students, and scale from there. However, be prepared to increase your Ambassador count as soon as platform traffic increases.

How to promote?

Every university or institution is unique, and you are best placed to decide which students will excel at Unibuddy. Here are some examples below to help you decide:

Established student relationships

Use enrolled students that you work with on a regular basis, you may want to contact them first and gauge their interest.

If you don’t have an established student Ambassador program, this is no problem at all. Please see other options below:

Societies and communities

You can promote the platform to international student societies, the student volunteer center, and specific departments within your university or institution.


Posters, flyers, and digital banners are a great way to spread the word on campus and gather applications.

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