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Is there any input required from my IT team to implement Unibuddy Community?
Is there any input required from my IT team to implement Unibuddy Community?
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The short answer is, no! Your Community will be created either by our dedicated Community Engagement Manager, or your day to day admin user, depending on your package.

Community doesn't require embedded code or new pages to be built - students simply download the Unibuddy Community app, available on both iOS and Android, (they can also access on desktop) and use the unique link you'll send to them, with which to join and access your Community.

Your Community isn't searchable online (unless you opt to publicise your link!) and can't be accessed by Community users from other institutions.

What input might you need from other teams?

  1. Your marketing or comms team may be involved to help promote your Community to your students, or to create copy for email campaigns, etc. The good news is that we provide customisable templates for both physical and digital marketing assets, which you can make use of to quickly and easily promote your Community

  2. You may wish to include the unique shareable link to your Community on an offer holder webpage or admitted student portal. You might even have a password-protected area for admits or offer holders on your website, which would be the perfect place to include a link to your Community. Alternatively, you might like to shout about your Community in this online space, as in this example from the University of South Wales, so your students are aware and expecting their invite! Depending on your web set-up, your IT team might need to add this text or link to a specified page

  3. If your institution uses a CRM for email communications with students, you might like to integrate promoting and inviting to Community in their comms plan. You'll have a unique shareable invite link and QR code, so the relevant team can easily paste this into their email copy

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