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How to add ambassadors to your Community?
How to add ambassadors to your Community?
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To add ambassadors to your Community, you should first make sure that they are active as buddies in your admin dashboard.

Existing ambassadors

If your ambassadors have already been added to your dashboard as an ambassador/buddy, then you can simply add them to the Community you would like them to be a part of.

--> Go to your Community tab in your admin dashboard, and click on the Community in question

--> You will find yourself in the Users tab for that Community

--> Either type or paste the email addresses of the ambassadors/buddies that you'd like to add to this Community under Private invite

--> Click Send invite with email

--> Alternatively, send them the shareable invite link

Either way, your ambassadors should log into your Community as existing users. They simply need to click 'Login' on the landing page, rather than clicking 'Create your account'.

Once your ambassadors have clicked Login, they can enter the email address and password they have used for their Unibuddy ambassador account

New ambassadors

If you are using student ambassadors in Community who are new to Unibuddy and do not currently have a buddy profile, you will need to add them as Buddies in your Community dashboard first.

--> Go to your admin dashboard, and click on the Buddies tab in your left-hand sidebar

--> Click Invitations

--> Either type, paste or drop a .csv file of your ambassador's email addresses

--> Your ambassadors will receive an email, and be prompted to set up their Unibuddy ambassador profile

--> Once your new ambassadors have created their profiles, add them into your Community, using the steps above under Existing ambassadors

If your institution also uses Unibuddy Chat, and you do not want this ambassador to be live on the Chat widget, simply wait until they have created their ambassador profile and joined your Community > go to Buddies > Manage > select this ambassador > click Deactivate

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