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How can I post .pdf files in Community?
How can I post .pdf files in Community?
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Sharing important documents with your engaged Community has never been easier!

As an admin or an ambassador in Community, you can share .pdf files, ensuring your students are equipped with the information they need to enrol, apply, or get the most out of their student journey with you.

Some examples of files you could post include:

  • Application forms

  • Reading lists

  • Bursary or grant forms

  • Visa guidelines

  • Housing allocation forms

  • Campus maps

  • Event guides

  • Prospectuses

  • Orientation guides

Simply log into your Community, and decide where you'd like to share your .pdf doc. Is it something that you'd like all of your students to see? Consider posting it in Updates, your dedicated broadcasting group.

Is it something specific to one particular group, such as Accommodation, a departmental or subject-related group, or Clubs and Societies? Head to that group, clicking on it in your Explore tab.

Click the '+' icon next to your message field in the group you'd like to post in, or your Updates tab, and locate the .pdf you'd like to share.

Click the file, select 'Open', and your document will be posted in that group.

Note that you can pin shared .pdf's to the group sidebar by selecting the pin icon, or delete them if they are no longer relevant.

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