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Power Automate Setup Part 4: Going Live
Power Automate Setup Part 4: Going Live
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Please ensure you have completed Step 1, Step 2 & Step 3 before proceeding with the next steps.

1.Give your new flow a name, such as UnibuddyCRMFlow.

2. Select your flow, then click on the When a HTTP request is received step.

3. Copy the HTTP POST URL and share it with Unibuddy Support. This is the URL that needs to be added to the Unibuddy backend in order for the CRM data to properly sync.

When sending your URL information to Unibuddy Support, please also include your desired date format as these can vary for different regions.

For example, dd-mm-yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy.

4. Once this is complete, Unibuddy will reach out to say this has been successfully added to our database and leads will start being pushed every 6 hours to your CRM. Do reach out if after 6 hours you have not received any data.

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