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How can I resolve conversations on my Ambassador's Dashboard?
How can I resolve conversations on my Ambassador's Dashboard?

Ambassadors have this exciting feature to resolve and unresolve conversations.

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What does the Resolve button do?

The resolve button allows you to mark a conversation as “answered” or "unanswered" depending on whether a reply is needed or not. The conversation becomes “unanswered” as soon as a new message comes through from a prospect. When that happens, the ambassador is expected to respond and provide any relevant information.

In a situation where all satisfactory responses have been provided to the prospect but they went ahead and sent a final message just saying "thank you" for example, simply click on the “Resolve” button to mark the conversation resolved.

This can be done in a few steps:

  1. Log into your ambassador dashboard.

  2. The feature will be found at the top of the page as shown in the screenshots below for the desktop, mobile browsers and mobile applications.

  3. You can also unresolve the conversation by clicking on the same icon as shown in the screenshots below. This will change the status back to show the resolve feature, once a reply has been sent, you will be required to click on resolve.

  4. To distinguish conversations that have been resolved from those that are still to be resolved, resolved conversations will be displayed with a check sign on the side. If the check sign isn't showing, that means the particular conversation is awaiting action from the ambassador.

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