Managing Ambassadors on Unibuddy

With Unibuddy, you can manage your ambassadors and access a suite of tools to streamline communication, track performance & drive engagement

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Unibuddy tools:

  1. Invite ambassadors to your platform and track if they’ve accepted your invitation or not.

  2. Track the time your ambassadors are spending on the platform so you can incentivize and reward them accordingly.

  3. Do you have ambassadors heading on vacation or taking a break from their role? You can activate and deactivate ambassadors as and when needed to help you flex your roster.

  4. If you’re looking to maintain brand consistency, relevancy, or a competitive edge, you’ve got the option to customize the welcome message that pops up when a prospective student first chats with your ambassadors. This is a great way to reinforce what questions student ambassadors will and won’t be answering.

  5. Want to customize the fields in your prospective student sign-up form to collect additional data?

  6. Communicate important information or updates by broadcasting messages directly to ambassadors. A quick and easy way to ensure your team is on the same page and where time may be of the essence!

  7. Use the analytics tab in your dashboard, along with the top navigation bar to toggle between your staff and student ambassador engagement. Create competition by seeing who has the quickest response time and highest engagement rankings.

  8. Keep a pulse on students' evolving motivations and have oversight of your ambassador conversations. Block prospects, intervene into a conversation and mark conversations as resolved.

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