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How to connect with students in Community?
How to connect with students in Community?
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Students have the ability to find and chat with other students studying the same subject as them, and of the same nationality, making it all the more easier for them to create meaningful connections!

To connect with like-minded students, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the Unibuddy Community mobile app or the browser version

  2. Ensure that you have completed your profile, to have the best chances of matching with others

  3. Click on your Explore tab.

  4. Click on the Update my profile button from the prompt underneath Find your people

  5. Select your Area of Study and Nationality from the list provided, then click on the Save button

  6. Go back to the Explore tab, to see other students from the same country, or studying the same program or subject

  7. Select which student you'd like to chat with from the carousel by clicking on their Chat With... button.

  8. Start chatting! Feeling stuck for words? You can use one of our icebreakers to get the conversation started

See screenshots of the process below:

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