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Help! I can't get into my Community
Help! I can't get into my Community
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If your university, school or college has created a Community, you will be able to access it after being invited. All student communities are invite only, to ensure that you have a safe space to chat and connect with your future course mates!

If you have received an invite from Unibuddy or from your institution to join your Community, and you find that you can't access it, please try one of the following:

  • Ensure you are creating your Community account with the same email address at which you received your invite (either from Unibuddy or from your institution)

  • If you still don't see your Community, contact your institution to ask them to re-add you on your preferred email address

  • If you are a member of a Community that was in place during a previous academic year or intake, your Community may have been deactivated by the institution. You can contact the institution directly to check if this is the case

Are you already a Community user, perhaps for another institution's Community?

You can log in as an existing user with the same details, go to your profile picture in the top corner, and click or tap Switch community, to see all student communities you are a part of.

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