Unibuddy Community is a great platform for engaging prospective, admitted, and enrolled students. However, we believe it has a lot of benefits for current students too.

So, we’ve compiled some more unconventional ideas on how your institution can use Community for current students throughout the academic year.

Ambassador Management

Organize and coordinate your student Ambassadors through a Community forum. Post about upcoming work opportunities, create a forum for frequently asked or tricky-to-answer questions and share important information.

Academic Hub

The beauty of higher ed is all about bringing together curious minds. Create a hub for academics and students to come together to collaborate, debate, and discuss - all in the pursuit of knowledge.

Social Hub (Clubs, Societies & Sports)

The main hurdle for your students to get involved with extracurricular activities is not knowing what’s out there. Your social hub could include all of the activities available on campus with existing club members there to answer any questions about how to get involved.

Student Community

“Non-traditional” students can feel isolated at times - think of your part-time students, full-time workers, mature students, commuter students, online learners, caregivers, and students who are parents. Create an online landscape where they can connect and collaborate with their fellow students outside of the campus environment.

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