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How to create private group chats in Community?
How to create private group chats in Community?
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To create a private group chat in Community, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Unibuddy Community, then select either the Inbox or Explore tab

  2. Click on the purple + New group button, either at the top of the Inbox or the bottom of the Explore tab

3. Click on Private: Invite only

4. Give your new private group a name and enter a description of your new group, clearly explaining what this new group is all about, then select Create group.

5. Once you have created the private group, you can then share the group with other students in the same Community by clicking on the Copy Invite Link button and pasting the link in other channels, or you can add members to your group by clicking on their profile, and selecting Add to private group

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you invite an Admin or Ambassador into the group, it will not be monitored by the University or institution.

6. To leave the private group, select the Leave Group button at the bottom of the About page

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