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The University Partner Dashboard is where our Higher Education partners manage their Unibuddy platform including their Ambassadors, live events, and all of the content they want to publish on their site.

If a University or Institution is already a partner of ours, they're able to publish Ambassadors to your website with a simple toggle.

Within the University Partner Dashboard, Admins have the following capabilities:

  • Invite and manage their Ambassador pool.

  • Choose which Ambassadors to publish on your website.

  • See top-level analytics about student engagement on your website.

  • View a breakdown of student demography who are interacting on your website.

  • View and manage prospective student lead information (lead data can be withheld from HEIs at Discover partner's discretion).

  • View the source of their new student leads - with your website attributed where applicable.

  • Moderate conversations, as well as view block reports and safeguard their Ambassadors.

Discover Analytics overview example:

Conversation attribution to your website inside the Conversation Management tool:

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