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Can I add a custom filter to my Widget?
Can I add a custom filter to my Widget?
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Custom filters are great for creating an amazing user experience on the widget, prospects will be able to filter through specific fields and select ambassadors without exhausting too much time finding the relevant ambassadors for their search criteria.

Admins can add as many custom fields as they need to on their University dashboard, only 3-4 filters are allowed on the widget at any time. Custom fields could be a degree-type field, Ethnicity, Campus or even Hobbies. These fields need to be active for ambassadors to include on their profiles when setting up or updating their accounts.

To add custom filters to your Widget, see the instructions below:

  1. The feature would have been enabled during your Onboarding stage or later.

  2. Log into your University Dashboard.

  3. Select the Ambassador option under the Customization drop-down menu.

  4. Select the "Add New Field" feature at the bottom.


  5. The final step is to ensure this field is seen on the widget, for this to happen, you need to click select the box under the Use as Filter column, then click Save below.


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