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How to share your Powerpoint presentation?
How to share your Powerpoint presentation?
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Microsoft Powerpoint is constantly updating and changing, its ability for screen sharing capabilities in different modes are not always consistent. Below is a guide to help ensure your viewers are able to see your presentation throughout hosting during your live event.

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation in the minimised mode which shows your presentation in edit view.

  2. Click on "Livestream" on the left-hand side menu and then click "Stream Setup".

  3. Select your camera and microphone in the pop-up window and click "Continue to stream".

  4. Click the "Share Screen" button and select the "Entire Screen" option whereby your presentation appears and click "Share".

  5. Click "Play from start" on your Powerpoint presentation.

  6. Then click the button "Use Slideshow".

  7. You will then enter the full-screen mode of your presentation and can click through each slide.

    πŸ“ NB: If you only have one screen whilst sharing you will be unable to see the Unibuddy chat window and we would advise you have a staff or ambassador managing the chat whilst you are hosting. We would also suggest using two screens if available for optimal hosting.

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