At Unibuddy, we believe user safety is paramount and that our Admins should have the ability to intervene in conversations on their platform if the situation warrants it.

If you have identified the need to intervene in an Ambassador's conversation based on the criteria listed in this article, see the instructions below:

  1. Once you have logged into your University Dashboard, select the Conversations tab located on the navigation bar.

  2. Click on the conversation you'd like to mitigate, then select the Message Prospect option.

3. Once you select that option, you can then type in and send your customized message to the Prospective Student. This will effectively resolve the conversation on the Admin side, and the conversation will still appear in the Ambassador's inbox.

4. Once you send your message to the Prospective Student, they are notified that they've been contacted by the University and ensured that their personal details would not be shared.

The Prospective Student would also receive a notification that they had been contacted by the University.

If the Student replies to your message, you or another Admin user can message them once again by following the same steps listed above.

PLEASE NOTE: See a video example of how to intervene in an Ambassador conversation below:

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