How should I reply to an inappropriate message?

Ways to respond to inappropriate messages from a prospect

Written by Amy Downes
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If a prospect sends you a message that isn't appropriate - for example asking for personal information like your mobile number; you should remind them that the conversation should stay on the platform, and stay on topic.

To help you, we've written a few template responses below that you can use and adapt, if you need to:

Social media/contact information request:

For safety reasons, I cannot share my personal or social media details on Unibuddy. However, if you do have any questions about university life then please don’t hesitate to ask me on here.

Off-campus 1:1 meeting request:

For safety reasons, I am not able to meet with Unibuddy users outside of the campus. However, if you are planning to attend an open day or a campus tour then perhaps we might meet on campus!

Off-topic or inappropriate question:

Sorry, it wouldn't be appropriate for me to answer that. Unibuddy is for us to talk about my experience as a student at university - so please try and keep your conversations on topic.

Remember you can block a prospect at any time should you feel the conversation is unpleasant or the individual is making you feel uncomfortable.

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