How do I receive more or fewer messages?

Encouraging more communications from prospects to your inbox

Written by Amy Downes
Updated over a week ago

To receive more messages and drive engagement with prospects, you can do this by:

(i) Posting more social content

Write a blog or film a vlog so prospective applicants can find out more about you and your interests. They’ll then be more likely to send you a message!

(ii) Complete your profile

Ensure all fields on your profile are filled in with your societies, interests and favourite courses. Prospective applicants are more likely to message you if they know more about you.

(iii) Regularly logging in to the app or dashboard

This will be recognised by our system and you’ll move up to the top of the list of ambassadors.

If you are getting too many messages, speak to your Unibuddy admin who can:

  • Temporarily deactivate your account.

  • Add more ambassadors.

  • Highlight other ambassadors to lighten your load.

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