Should I share personal information on Unibuddy?

Personal information guarding in conversations

Written by Amy Downes
Updated over a week ago

You should NOT share any personal information on Unibuddy - which includes your:

  • Full name.

  • Address.

  • Mobile number.

  • Social media accounts.

  • Personal information on other students/staff.

You should also stay away from personal topics like sex or relationships. If a prospective student asks you about something you don’t feel comfortable sharing, in the first instance you should remind them that you can’t share that information for safety reasons.

If they still persist with inappropriate conversations then you can block them using the steps here and also report this to your Unibuddy admin. Your admin will review the conversation after you send the block request through and they will be best placed to advise on this and can decide on the appropriate action to take such as approving the block

If you are unsure of anything please contact your admin who will be able to assist you.

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