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How do I refer a prospect to a student ambassador or staff member?
How do I refer a prospect to a student ambassador or staff member?

Sharing other student ambassador or staff profiles in a chat.

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1 Transferring a Chat

Our chat feature enables prospects to chat to members of staff about the University and to ask questions on topics such as; Admissions, Accommodation and Student Services. Similarly prospects can also talk to current students about university life, cultural aspects of the university, societies etc.

Thus certain questions are better suited for specific staff or student ambassadors. If you feel that the prospect’s question would be better directed at someone else, then you have the ability to redirect the prospect to a specific staff or student profile.

1.1 Find the student/staff ambassador

Visit the university’s main Unibuddy page, on their website; and make sure you are on the relevant tab whether "Staff‘ or Student’. Have a think about which individual would be best to answer this question; and have a quick look through the profiles available on your platform. You can filter profiles at the top of the widget on your university website, or you can click ‘read more…’ to see the full profile.

Consider the nature of the enquiry - for instance, if a prospect is asking about topics covered on a particular course and exam breakdown then refer them to a staff member who specialises in that particular course, or if a prospect is asking about the university’s basketball team, see if you can find a student who has listed basketball as a hobby or society they attend, if no ambassador meets these requirements, perhaps try and find an ambassador who seems to have an interest in sports.

1.2 Share their Profile link

Once you have found the right ambassador click 'Read more' on their profile. Within their profile you will find a share icon in the top right corner - click here to copy the share link to your clipboard.

1.3 Paste it!

Paste the link into the chat you are having with the prospect. This link will take the prospect directly to the student ambassador’s profile and allow them to start a conversation with the staff or student ambassador. Please remember to inform the person's link you shared that you have redirected a prospect to them; providing the prospect's name and a bit of context about why you have redirected it.


❓ Please be aware if you are using the UCAS-only version of the platform, you will not be able to link to specific profiles on the Unibuddy on UCAS platform.

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