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What makes a great Unibuddy message?

Ways to create great messages for your prospects

Written by Amy Downes
Updated over a week ago

1 Making a great message

Remember that you aren't only there to answer questions that a student could find the answer to in the prospectus. Alexa could do that! As a current student, you can really bring university to life and provide genuine advice on the university experience. You can also bring prospects into the student community and make them feel part of the family.

1.1 Find something in common

Find out if you share any similar life experiences:

  • Are they from a similar part of the world?

  • Do you speak the same languages?

  • Did you enjoy the same subjects at school?

Ask them about their hobbies and interests:

  • Can they develop these at your university?

  • Do you have things in common?

1.2 Keep in touch!

Encourage students to stay in touch and check out the social posts on Unibuddy - this will give them a real flavour of university life.

1.3 Share your story

Draw on your own personal experiences and memories - advice and reassurance mean so much more when it comes from a real student.

1.4 Treat it like WhatsApp

Think of your Unibuddy conversations as ongoing and instil the following:

  • Avoid a super formal email style.

  • Instead of writing lengthy replies, break up your messages.

  • Keep the conversations chatty.

Some students will have a whole load of questions and will naturally keep the conversation going, but others may need a bit more encouragement. If you haven’t heard from a student in a while, why not check in with them and wish them luck in their exams or share some tips on preparing for university. All the things you'd do as a buddy in 'real life'.

1.5 Be speedy

Ever experienced the pain of the two blue ticks in WhatsApp? When your message has been read but no one replies? Try and avoid putting students through this on Unibuddy.

If you don’t have all the answers straight away and you need to do a bit of research, that’s not a problem. You can still let them know that you have received their message and will be in touch soon with more info.

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