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Does Unibuddy work on all browsers?
Does Unibuddy work on all browsers?

Browser compatibility with the Unibuddy platform

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For optimum performance, we recommend using Chrome 72 or later when using Unibuddy.

For our Microsite and Webinar events platform, please note that Safari does not support presenter’s screen sharing and Firefox does not support the ‘share computer audio’ functionality while screen sharing.

Why is IE not compatible?

Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer (IE) in 2015 with a new browser called Microsoft Edge. Since then, all Windows 10 computers have been issued with Edge instead of IE as the default browser option. IE has not been updated with any new web technologies since 2015.

Since Unibuddy uses these technologies to ensure we are delivering the best possible product, the platform will not appear in IE the same way it would with other browsers in two notable areas:

Grid: The two-column display of Buddycards on the Unibuddy platform requires a CSS Grid which is not supported on IE. As a result, we can only display the buddy cards as a single column.

Colour: The web technology we will be using to implement your brand colours on the platform does not work on IE. We have therefore had to take the decision to standardise the colour across all platforms on IE to a neutral grey colour.

Will this affect your users?

In short, no and we say that confidently. Some partners may be concerned about this change due to how integrated IE is with other operating systems they use internally. We want to provide some reassurance to you that despite the widespread use of IE within some institutions, this is not the case with the users of Unibuddy.

Only 1.6% of users visit Unibuddy on IE desktop.
Only 0.2% of users are using IE Mobile.

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