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How to drive traffic to your Unibuddy platform?
How to drive traffic to your Unibuddy platform?

This article goes through how you can embed different elements on your website to maximise on engagement with your prospects.

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1 Traffic Drivers

We have a number of traffic drivers which we call "Buddy Cards" to help encourage prospects to communicate with your institution via Unibuddy. Please see these outlined below:

The ambassador Carousel encourages prospects to connect and reduce the number of clicks in their user journey. It shows five randomised ambassadors to show up on a horizontal banner. It is perfect for any landing page - particularly the homepage, study with us, and student life page.


1.2 The Popcard

The Popcard is compact, with a clear call to action and a proven track record in increasing engagement. It should be embedded in at least three pages throughout your website - such as student life pages, international pages and course pages.

You can tailor the Popcard to display ambassadors by course, degree level or national v international.


1.3 The Buddy Card

The Buddy Card displays a single buddy or multiple buddies and is specifically designed to fit into course pages or country-specific pages into a right- or left-hand column. The click-through will take prospects directly to chat with the individual student.

1.4 Course Buddy Platform

The course based platform is based on the main widget but only shows the buddies for a specific course, which is great for tailoring your communications with prospects. We only advise the use of this if you have 3 or more ambassadors for a single course.

1.5 Chat Bubble

The Bubble is a floating action button that occupies a small space in the bottom right hand side corner of your website. The bubble’s small footprint makes it the perfect feature to embed all over your site. Text (of your choosing) will appear over the action button after a user has been on a page for more than 7 seconds, this text helps direct users to the action button in the event they are stuck - and can be dismissed.

The button links your website visitors to your students (and staff, if activated) - it’s intended to be implemented all over your site, so no need to think too hard about placement. If you do want to embed on just a few specific pages, try embedding the bubble in places you know have significant drop-off. This call to action might be all thats needed to reassure your visitors and send them back in the right direction

Customise Call to Action Text

Choose a message to show above the bubble


Customise Bubble card

If you'd like the staff button to link to a specific member of staff instead, you can choose the option below, and paste in a specific member of staff's 'Share' link.

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