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Zapier Setup Part 2a: Syncing with Unibuddy
Zapier Setup Part 2a: Syncing with Unibuddy
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Please ensure you have completed Step 1 before proceeding with the next steps.

1. After the Unibuddy Support/Onboarding Team has confirmed that your URL has been added to the backend, head back to Zapier, and under the Set up trigger prompt, select Test trigger.

2. Once you receive a successful receipt of test data from Unibuddy to the Zapier Webhook, select Continue until you reach the 2. Action section.

3. Select or type in the name of your CRM, for example: Salesforce, Hubspot.

4. Choose the equivalent Action Event for creating a lead and then click Continue. Salesforce, for example, uses Create Lead.

5. After you click Continue, sign in with your CRM account details to authorize the Zap. Then select Continue to move on to Field Mapping.

Set up Field Mapping and Data Transformation

6. Select CRM object equivalent to a prospective student. Example: In Salesforce, you may select Lead or Contact.

7. You will then be able to create a Field Mapping between Webhook and CRM using the form. (Below is an example using the Hubspot CRM)

8. Click Continue to verify that the sample data is in the correct columns.

9. Once verified, click Test Action and after waiting a few seconds you should receive a message letting you know the lead has been pushed to your chosen CRM.

PLEASE NOTE: For custom fields, we do not automatically send a sample value. If you wish to have your custom signup fields from your Unibuddy Platform sent over to your CRM, please continue with the article here. Otherwise, continue with the steps below.

Go Live!

11. You can now select Publish, or you can select the ON toggle from the home screen of Zapier to make your Zapier integration go live.

12. Once your Zap has been turned on, you're all set! Any newly created prospective student account leads will be sent via Webhook and passed through directly into your CRM system every 6 hours via Zapier. It's a good idea to sign up on the main platform on your website as a prospect to see if everything is working correctly. ( In case you do not receive any data in those first 6 hours).

Again it may take up to 6 hours for the first record to push through to your CRM. If you do have any issues please reach out to our Implementation Team.

Sample Lead in Salesforce :

Sample Lead in Hubspot:

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