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Zapier Setup Part 2b. How to add custom prospect fields to your Zapier Integration
Zapier Setup Part 2b. How to add custom prospect fields to your Zapier Integration
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PLEASE NOTE: You'll need to add custom fields to your prospect sign-up form from your admin dashboard before integrating any custom fields through Zapier into your CRM. You can find out more information on how to do this here.

Follow the steps in this article before starting the first step below.

Our sample data does not send any sample values for any custom fields you have created. To map your custom fields to your CRM, please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Select 'Active' on your custom field (Phone Number), from within your Unibuddy Admin Dashboard.

Step 2. Head over to Zapier and the Zap which pushes data from Unibuddy into your CRM. Next in 2.Create/Update a lead under the Action section of your Zapier flow. Find the field you wish to map your custom field to. The example below is using 'Phone Number'.

Step 3. Copy your Zap ID from your URL when editing your Zap. (See below where to find this)

For example, the URL from the screenshot above is copied below, your Zap ID is the number highlighted in bold: -

Step 4. Type out the below into your CRM field you wish to map your custom field to (Do not copy, as you cannot edit this when pasted into Zapier). Replace the '123456789' by pasting your copied ZAP ID in its place, and replace 'Phone Number' with the name of your custom field.

{{123456789__Phone Number}}

Step 5 . The field will then format as shown below. A yellow warning will appear but this is normal for manually added fields.

Step 6. Select Publish, or you can select the ON toggle from the home screen of Zapier to make your Zapier integration go live.

Step 7. Congratulations, you're all set! Any newly created prospective student leads will be sent through a Webhook directly into your CRM system every 6 hours via Zapier. It's a good idea to sign up to your Chat Platform on your website as a test prospect to see if everything is working correctly including your custom field (in case you do not receive any data in those first 6 hours).

Sample Lead in Salesforce :

Sample Lead in Hubspot:

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