Unibuddy CRM Integrations Overview

This guide provides an overview of Unibuddy's CRM integration, how it works and what you can do with your CRM x Unibuddy data.

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Use this guide if:

  • You’re looking to integrate Unibuddy with your CRM

  • You want to learn about the benefits of Unibuddy x CRM integration

  • You want to understand which data Unibuddy sends to your CRM

What is a CRM?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is like your personal assistant for managing customer interactions, for institutions, it’s prospective students. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to keep track of important details about your prospective students including their contact information, communication history and preferences. It provides a centralized place to manage students from the initial point of contact, through to their application, admission and enrollment.

What is Unibuddy CRM Integration?

A CRM integration simply means that data can flow from Unibuddy to your CRM. Having Unibuddy data in your CRM means you can best leverage the power of both tools, in perfect harmony. Automatically syncing data from Unibuddy to the CRM eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that information stays up-to-date and consistent. This integration empowers you to enhance your prospective student interactions, streamline processes, and gain a comprehensive view of your prospective students across different touch points.

Unibuddy x CRM Integration

Integrating your CRM with Unibuddy allows you to enrich your prospective students' insights. It let's you...

Gain visibility into channel performance

See beyond the

surface-level data

Personalize your messaging and communications

Understand how Unibuddy is impacting your lead nurture and enrollment strategy.

Learn which programs students are interested in, their stage of the recruitment funnel, and information from your custom fields to sharpen your student profile and strategy.

See which students are engaged, they’re interests and the interactions they’ve had with your ambassadors and use these insights to build nurture campaigns.

CRMs Unibuddy integrates with

If you do not see your CRM on here, please reach out to your CSM to see if we can integrate with it.





Microsoft Dynamics

Sugar CRM



Power Automate




Student CRM

University built custom connection


Data available via Unibuddy x CRM Integration

Data type

Specific data points


Prospect lead information

For each registered prospective student

  • Email

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Unibuddy status (active/inactive)

  • Country

  • Region (state)

  • Degree Level

  • Degree

  • Unibuddy ID

  • Blocked by university? (Y/N)

  • University marketing consent (Y/N)

  • Sign up location (i.e. Unibuddy Widget used by the Prospect)

  • Any additional custom fields added by the university

Chat Pro + Chat Premium Plus

Additional prospect lead information

For each conversations where a summary has been generated

  • Conversation summaries

For each registered student who submits a decision stage at least once

  • Stage in the funnel

    • Decision stage name

    • Latest stage

Chat Premium Plus

Community interaction data

For each registered prospective student

  • Communities joined

    • Community ID

    • Community title


Event interaction data

For each registered prospective student

  • Live events attended


Integration documentation and information

Non-direct integration costs

Connectors, all pricing correct at time of writing (June 2023)

£16.46 per month

£12.30 per month

£7.23 per month

How to use your Unibuddy x CRM integration data

Simplify your workload

  • Automatically see Unibuddy prospects alongside your other data sources.

  • Build segments based on this data directly from your CRM without having to manually fetch this information.

  • Get a holistic view of prospects and broaden your nurture strategy.

Double-down on what’s working

  • See which strategies are having the greatest impact so you add fuel to the right fires (e.g. once applications are in, you can cross-check those students who have applied in your CRM. You might find that 50% of applied students were also Unibuddy users, versus only 20% who attended a physical open day).

Personalize your messaging

  • Unibuddy CRM Integration gives you contextual information on your students – know more about their degree program interests, year of study and use this information to segment your database.

  • Capture additional data from Unibuddy and push that to your CRM to continue building out your student profiles, and provide messaging relevant to their needs and requirements.

  • Create an email nurture campaign. You might notice a student has more than 5 messages on Unibuddy. Consider adding them to an automated campaign to receive certain messaging and call-to-actions to push them through the funnel.

  • Conversation summaries provide you richer insights onto your students to further personalize their engagement tactics and communications.

Resources to help you get started

If you do not see your CRM on here, please reach out to your CSM to see if we can integrate with it.

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