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How to integrate Slate with Unibuddy
How to integrate Slate with Unibuddy
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The Slate API Push Integration with Unibuddy is now live.

PLEASE NOTE: Before beginning to set up your Slate integration with Unibuddy, please make sure the following steps have already been taken:

  • Your Main Platform Widget URL has been created and supplied to your Customer Success Manager. This URL should be live and not a test site.

  • At least one (1) prospect or test prospect account has been created.

To successfully integrate your Unibuddy data with your Slate CRM, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to Slate, navigate to Settings and select Source Formats located under the Import prompt. The Source Format is a receiving node that you will use to accept data from Unibuddy in a predefined format.

2. Create a new Source Format with the following attributes:

a. General

  • Name: Add A Name

  • Status = Active

  • Format = JSON

  • Remap As Of Date = Current Date

PLEASE NOTE REGARDING "Remap As Of Date" PROMPT: This field tells Slate how far back to look into the imported data to make them available for remapping. Since you're creating a brand new Source Format, it's recommended that you use the current date.

PLEASE NOTE: SFTP access must be turned OFF for the Unibuddy/Slate sync to function properly.

b. Format Definition

  • Add Source Format in the XML option:

<layout type="json" node="/">

<f id="email" s="email" />

<f id="first_name" s="first_name" />

<f id="last_name" s="last_name" />

<f id="accept_marketing" s="accept_marketing" />

<f id="active" s="active" />

<f id="applicant_id" s="id" />

<f id="sign_up_location" s="sign_up_location" />

<f id="date_of_entry" s="date_of_entry" />

<f id="degree_level" s="degree_level" />

<f id="live_events_1" s="live_events[1]" />

<f id="live_events_2" s="live_events[2]" />

<f id="live_events_3" s="live_events[3]" />

<f id="live_events_4" s="live_events[4]" />

<f id="live_events_5" s="live_events[5]" />

<f id="live_events_6" s="live_events[6]" />

<f id="live_events_7" s="live_events[7]" />

<f id="live_events_8" s="live_events[8]" />

<f id="live_events_9" s="live_events[9]" />

<f id="live_events_10" s="live_events[10]" />

<f id="blocked_by_university" s="blocked_by_university" />

<f id="degrees_interested_1_name" s="degrees_interested[1]/name" />

<f id="degrees_interested_2_name" s="degrees_interested[2]/name" />

<f id="degrees_interested_3_name" s="degrees_interested[3]/name" />

<f id="degrees_interested_4_name" s="degrees_interested[4]/name" />

<f id="degrees_interested_5_name" s="degrees_interested[5]/name" />

<f id="country_code" s="country/code"/>

<f id="country_name" s="country/name"/>

<f id="domestic_region_name" s="domestic_region/name"/>

<f id="domestic_region_country_code" s="domestic_region/country/code"/>

<f id="domestic_region_country_name" s="domestic_region/country/name"/>

<f id="signup_source_type" s="signup_source/type"/>

<f id="signup_source_created" s="signup_source/created"/>

<f id="source_tracking_params_medium" s="source_tracking_params/ub_medium"/>

<f id="source_tracking_params_source" s="source_tracking_params/ub_source"/>

<f id="source_tracking_params_campaign" s="source_tracking_params/ub_campaign"/>

<f id="source_tracking_params_content" s="source_tracking_params/ub_content"/>


c. Save the newly created Source Format.

If you'd like to add your custom prospect fields to your source format at a later date, please see the following article:

3. After generating your Slate Service Account User ID/Password/Slate Service Endpoint URL, please send this information to the Unibuddy Support team via email. This team will then add your Slate Service information to the backend.

When sending your Slate Service information to Unibuddy Support, please also include your desired date format as these can vary for different regions.

For example, dd-mm-yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy.

PLEASE NOTE: When creating your Slate Service Account, we recommend using an email address similar to [email protected].

To find the Slate Service Endpoint URL on the newly created Source Format page, navigate to Web Service and select View:

4. Once the sync has been set up on Unibuddy's backend, your Source Format should receive a sample dataset which will be in the following status: Awaiting activation of Source Format remap. It will take a few minutes after the data is received for the status to be updated.

5. Set up your Field Mapping and Data Transformation, then you are ready to go live!

6. Click on Remap to map Unibuddy fields to the desired in your Slate CRM instance.

7. Activate Remapping from the Edit Source Format page, then select Save. Please do not activate Remapping until after you've received your sample dataset.

8. Records will then begin to sync. Any new records added or updated will be pushed directly into your Slate CRM.

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