How can Admins bulk resolve conversations?
An exciting new feature for admins to easily resolve conversations in bulk.
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Unresolved conversations

When the very last message in a conversation is sent by a prospective student and no follow-up response is submitted by ambassadors, the message is treated as “unanswered” or “unresolved”.

What's expected of this feature

The bulk resolve feature allows you to mark a group of unanswered past conversations as resolved. The script looks for staff and student ambassador conversations with prospective students that are active and in unanswered status within the date range. It does not apply to archived conversations as well as to those with blocked students.

How to use the Bulk Resolve feature?

  1. Go to Conversation Management tab in University Dashboard

  2. See Bulk Resolve button at the top right navigation area

  3. Click on “Bulk Resolve” button

  4. Specify the date range of the unanswered conversations you want to mark as resolved. The date range uses the date of the last message sent by the prospect.

  5. Press Resolve

  6. You will see a confirmation modal that is reflecting the number of conversations processed

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