All users now have the ability to report inappropriate messages within Community. For instructions on how to do so, see below:

  1. Log into Community.

  2. Within a group, hold down your finger (mobile) or hover over the message (desktop/browser) on the message in question.

  3. Select the Report option.

  4. Add a comment as to why this user is being reported, then select the Block User option. This will effectively block that user from using the entire Unibuddy platform.

Admins can view the reported messages within the Community area of their University Dashboard.

Upon selecting the Community tab, Admins will then see a View Reported Messages area. Within this area, Admins can either remove a user from a group, dismiss the report or block the user entirely.

See the screenshot below:

PLEASE NOTE: Admins, as well as Student & Staff Ambassadors, can still block users directly within the chats if swift action is needed.

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