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How to use Recommended Groups in Community?
How to use Recommended Groups in Community?
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Students can now curate a more personalized experience with your Community by selecting recommended groups that cater to their interests. These recommended groups are created by adding Tags.

For instructions on how to add these tags, see below:

  1. Log into your University Dashboard.

  2. Select the Community option on your navigation panel.

  3. Select the Community you want to edit, then click on the Groups tab.

  4. Select the Edit Group icon next to the group you wish to edit.

  5. Click into the Add Tags text box, and you'll see a dropdown menu of all available tags. You can then add as many of these tags that you think are relevant to that specific group.

  6. Once you've selected your tags, click Save.

When your Community members then enter the Explore section of your Community, they will be able to select their main interests. From there, we'll recommend groups based on the tags you've assigned to each group.

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