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How to use Unibuddy’s Lead Attribution feature?
How to use Unibuddy’s Lead Attribution feature?

Nurture leads by tracking your marketing efforts and gaining visibility in your dashboard and CRM systems (optional).

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With the new Lead Attribution feature available in the University Dashboard, Institutions can now integrate key marketing attribution data like Campaign Information, Source of sign up and Campaign ID's alongside Unibuddy's current Prospect information.

This data can also be integrated into your institutions chosen CRM - If you have not yet integrated your CRM; please reach out to your Customer Success Manager who can set up a consultation.

To implement these new Lead attributes, follow the steps below:

1. If you are not looking to have this data transfer to your CRM please skip to step 2. If you would like this data to transfer to your CRM you will first need to add 4 fields to your CRM and map these fields to the following parameters:

ub_source - Where the source is applying from (This will always be "Widget" as you can only add these parameters to the end of your widget URL at present).

ub_medium - Channel of communication used e.g. Email, Social Media.

ub_campaign - The name of your campaign.

ub_content - The ID value of your campaign.

2. Fill in the values of the following as per the guidelines of what each should contain in step 1:





3. You can then share the campaign with your prospective students (via social media, email etc). You will need to ensure that the link you send out directs to your main widget platform and includes the parameters you need to be sent through. See the example URL below:

4. The prospective student can then navigate to your Unibuddy widget by clicking the link you provide. The data for the parameters will only be stored once they sign up from the above link.

5. The leads that are generated will be tagged with the Campaign ID you defined in step 2 and can be attributed accordingly to the relevant prospects.

6. All of the campaign data against the leads (Lead Medium, Lead Source, Campaign Name, Campaign ID) can be viewed in the Prospect table within your University Dashboard:

(i) Select Prospects from the navigation panel located on the left-hand side:

(ii) Then select Filter Data.

(iii) Check the box next to Show lead attribution data.

(iv) View the columns Lead Medium, Lead Source, Campaign (Name), and Lead ID within the table.

NB: The Campaign ID is what you would see in the "Lead ID" field which you define in the parameter ub_content.

7. All of the lead data in the columns above is what you will see in your CRM if you have set up the integration and mapping to send these through.

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