With the new Lead Attribution feature available in the University Dashboard, Institutions can now integrate key marketing attribution data like Campaigns, Source and Lead ID's with Unibuddy's current Prospect information. This data can also be integrated in an Institution's chosen CRM.

To implement these new Lead attributes, follow the steps below:

1. First, you’ll need to create the parameters in your CRM system to tag your campaign with, and add those to a campaign URL. (EXAMPLE: Google UTM parameters)

2. Then, update your Main Platform widget code snippet by inserting the following:

'ub_medium': {{variable}}
'ub_source': {{variable}}
'ub_campaign': {{variable}}
'ub_content': {{variable}}

Replace the {{variable}} for each snippet with the parameters from their campaigns. 

See example below:

3. You can then share the campaign with your prospective students (via social media, email etc).

4. The prospective student can then navigate to your Unibuddy widget by clicking the link you provide.

5. The leads that are then generated will be tagged with the Campaign ID and can be attributed accordingly (from the code you’ve just embedded, as seen above).

6. All of the lead data (Lead Medium, Lead Source, Campaign ID, Lead ID) can be viewed in the Prospect table within your University Dashboard:

a. Select Prospects from the navigation panel located on the left hand side:

b. Then select Filter Data.

c. Check the box next to Show lead attribution data.

d. View the Lead Medium, Lead Source, Campaign ID, and Lead ID within the table.

7. All of the lead data (Lead Medium, Lead Source, Campaign ID, Content ID) can also be shown in your CRM table (please enquire with your CSM to enable this).

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