How to manage your Degree List?
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We have recently added the capability for Admin users to manage their Institutions' Degree list. To view the available functionalities, see below:

How To Add Degree Levels

Degree Levels = The different categorizations for your available degrees. EXAMPLES: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, etc.

  1. Log into your University Dashboard and scroll down to the Customization tab. From there, select Degree Levels, then Add Degree Level(s).

2. Type in your new Degree Levels, then select Save Degree Levels.

How To Add Degrees

Degrees = The different study disciplines you offer. EXAMPLES: BSc Computer Science, MSc Computing & Information Systems, etc.

  1. Navigate to the Customization tab and select Degrees. From there, click on Add Degree(s).

2. Select the desired Degree Level for your Degree(s).

3. Type in your Degree(s), then select Save Degrees.

Your degrees would then appear on your Degree List.

How To Activate/De-activate Degrees

De-activating = The degree will no longer be visible for selection on ambassador sign-up/ existing Ambassador can no longer select this on their profile.

NB: Please advise Ambassadors to update their profiles if applicable with an active degree.

  1. To activate a Degree, select a greyed-out Degree, then click Activate.

2. To deactivate a Degree, select a non-greyed-out Degree, then click De-activate.

How To Update Degree Levels in Bulk

  1. Within the Degrees section of the Customization tab, select the degrees you would like to update and then click Update Level.

2. Click inside of the text box and select a Degree Level from the dropdown menu. From there, click Save Degrees.

How To Filter By Status

  1. Within the Degrees section of the Customization tab, select the dropdown menu located under the word Degrees. This allows you to filter between your Activated or De-Activated Degrees.

How To Export Degrees to CSV

  1. Within the Degrees section of the Customization tab, select the Degrees you'd like to export on the left-hand side. From there, select the Export Degrees button.

2. Once you select the Export Degrees option, that prompt will then turn into a Download Report button. Once you select that, your CSV file will download.

Any Degrees added after the report has been exported will require a page refresh and re-export to be included in the report.

PLEASE NOTE: If you refresh/leave the page during the Export process, you will need to re-download the Degree report.

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