Degree Internal Buddy Cards and Staff Department Buddy Cards are small cards that are ideal for course or department-specific pages on your University website. They will display all the Student or Staff Ambassadors that are available on a platform for a specific course or department.

These Buddy Cards are ideal for when you have between 1-4 Student or Staff Ambassadors from a particular course or department and want to display them along a side panel.

If you would like to display a singular Student Ambassador on a Buddy Card, we recommend using the Mentor Internal Buddy Card.

If you would like to display a singular Staff Ambassador on a Buddy Card, you can create a unique department or course name to associate to that Staff Ambassador.

If you would like to display multiple students from the same course but not in a singular row down, we recommend embedding the Course Buddy Platform. This traffic driver is based on the Main Widget and will only show the Buddies for a specific course. We only advise the use of this if you have 3 or more Student Ambassadors for a single course.

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