See the differences between the Buddies and Analytics sections within the University Dashboard below:

Within the Analytics section, the Number of Conversations area is calculated from the start of when a Prospective Student reaches out to an Ambassador.

The Conversations shown in the Analytics section is the number of unique conversations per day.

Example: If Ambassador A messaged Prospective Student B on Monday and then again on Tuesday, that would count as 2 separate conversations on the Analytics graph.

Additionally, the Number of Conversations in the Analytics section includes conversations from Live Events, whereas those conversations are not included in the Buddies section.

If Ambassadors are deleted or archived on the Buddies table, the total number of conversations is going to be lower because the data of those Buddies is erased upon their deletion.

In the Analytics section, the conversation count will be higher because the data from deleted/archived Ambassadors is not deleted.

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