This usually occurs due to the following:

  • The web widget script is missing in your web page code. This script is needed as it knows where to redirect a user to.

  • A tag may from the script code, such as <script>, may be missing.

  • If using the Chat Bubble; the settings may have been changed - the URL to redirect to can be customised or set to default, please check this via the admin dashboard in Integrations -> Code Snippets -> Chat Bubble

If either of the above points has affected this then the buddy card will not re-direct correctly, we would advise referring to your site's web developer in this instance.

However, if this is still an issue after checking the above, please contact our support team using the chat bubble on the bottom right with the following information:

(i) Traffic driver name being used.

(ii) Embed Code Snippet.

(iii) URL link of the page of where the traffic driver exists and is not working for.

  • Additionally, if you are seeing an error code on the page similar to the screenshot below, this may also be due to the configuration of your server which restricts URLs to display of a certain length. If this error occurs, please reach out to your IT team who will be able to further assist.

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