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My traffic driver is directing to a blank page?
My traffic driver is directing to a blank page?

Traffic driver not showing data

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There a few things to consider when the data for a traffic driver does not appear. Please see below:

  • Check to see if there are any buddies to display for the particular traffic driver e.g. If using the degree pop card if there are no active students against a particular degree they will not appear.

  • Ensure you are using the correct embed code, these can be found in your admin dashboard in the "Integrations" menu.

  • Is your cookie policy interfering with the buddy card? Sometimes the policy "Accept" button may be hidden behind the card. You will need to move the cookie banner to somewhere it is more visible.

If the above does not help to solve this, it may be that Unibuddy doesn't have the correct widget URL for your website. This must start with https:// or another issue may be present in which case please contact our support team using the chat bubble on the bottom right.

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