How much thought do you put into the title of your blog posts? If your answer is “not much”, you’re probably in the majority - but your blog’s title has an important job to do. It is how your readers will decide whether they will spend their time reading your blog.

The old adage goes “don’t judge a book by its cover” but it doesn’t say anything about blogs - so follow these tips to create an enticing title:

(i) Include a number

Everyone loves it when an article or blog tells them exactly what they’re going to get and how much of it! Look at the success of Buzzfeed, and “Ten TV Shows That Will Make You Feel Old”. You could take inspo from this like the below examples:

"Ten things you should pack before you come to University"

"Five restaurants worth visiting"

(ii) 'How to' OR 'A guide to'

You are the expert on life at your university, so you’re definitely qualified to write a guide! If your blog post offers tips and guidance through an aspect of the University experience, you should include “How to” or “A guide to” in the title, see some examples below:

"How to make the most out of freshers week"

"A guide to getting through clearing"

(ii) 'My Story' OR 'My experience of'

If your blog is more of a personal account, make sure the reader knows. Personal accounts are a really powerful way for prospective students to understand and get to know you. Be sure to include “My” in the title so they know it’s your own story that you’re sharing, see some examples below:

"Joining a society - My story"

"My year abroad experience"

(iii) Have fun with it!

It’s your blog, so put your personality across in the headline! You could include a pun or joke, or alliteration. Strong, visual language also gets attention. Don’t be afraid to keep it light-hearted and true to yourself, see some examples below:

"Bedding, bins and bowls: what to take to uni"

"Making a racqet: why I joined the tennis society"

(iv) Save your title until last

It’s an all too familiar feeling: getting halfway through an essay and realising you haven’t been answering the question. Well, with blogs you get the write the question after you’ve finished the answer! Once you’ve got your completed blog, and you know exactly what it covers, you can come up with the perfect title that encapsulates the content.

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