(i) Filming Tour Vlog

First things first - you need to film a vlog! If you need advice on what to talk about see this article here.

Most smartphones or tablets will be able to record high-quality footage and capture good audio. Not only that but using a smartphone will allow you to film on the go and without the need for any special equipment.

You might want to consider the following when filming:

  • Different shots and filming techniques.

  • Get more footage than you need.

  • Edit your vlog to remove any unwanted noises, interruptions or mistakes.

Having more footage will give you more work with at the editing stage. There are a number of free editing apps - including Filmmaker Pro, iMovie and Pocket Video. Each app offers something different so try out a few and find one that works best.

(ii) Uploading Your Vlog

You will need to upload your vlog to YouTube before putting it on Unibuddy. See steps below after this is uploaded:

  1. Login to your Ambassador Dashboard.

  2. Select Blog in left hand side menu.

  3. Click Write Blog Post button.

  4. Select a topic from the drop down.

  5. Enter Title.

  6. Select YouTube Video as the post media.

  7. Enter your YouTube video URL.

  8. Click Create.

You can add some additional info in the text box provided to go alongside your video too!

For a video example of how to upload a Vlog, see below:

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