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How do I come up with a social post idea?
How do I come up with a social post idea?

Ways to think of ideas for your social posts to connect with prospects

Written by Amy Downes
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes, the biggest challenge when it comes to writing your blog is deciding exactly what to write about! There is so much to cover it can be difficult to know where to start. Hopefully, this post will give you some advice and some blog inspo to help you with writing your social post.

(i) Make it relatable

It wasn’t so long ago that you were a prospective applicant. Have a think about the following:

  • What questions did you initially have?

  • How you were feeling at each point in your journey?

  • What were you worried about when you were applying?

  • How you overcame particular challenges or hurdles?

If you can put yourself back in the shoes of a prospective applicant you’ll be able to create content that is really relatable and helpful. Reflect on your time as a prospect and give your personal story, that’ll make your blog post even more compelling.

You could write a blog on some of the following:

  • How you decided on which university to go to?

  • Which questions were most helpful to ask at an open day?

  • What was your experience after you applied and got an offer?

  • The types of accommodation on offer or best locations to stay near the university?

(ii) Make it unique

Think about the things that make you unique or interesting. If you’re in a society, that’s a great place to start! Maybe you’ve always loved football, so joining the college team was the next natural step. Or you found a new love for underwater hockey in your first term of uni. Those are the stories prospective applicants will want to read.

It might be something else that makes you different: What’s it like being a northerner in London, or a Londoner in the north? Did you take a gap year before university, or join as a mature student? Are you studying abroad?

Sharing the stories that are unique to you will make you stand out as an individual, and help prospective students relate to you and what you’re saying. Many students will be in similar circumstances, and they will definitely want to read your blog!

(iii) Share the things you care about!

When the holidays come around, and you finally get to catch up with your “home friends” what are you telling them about your university? Write about that!

Tell them about what you love in your university town such as:

  • Restaurants.

  • Shopping centre.

  • Social nights out.

  • Best places to revise.

This will allow prospects to get a feel of the area and its surroundings by sharing the gems you have found. If you’ve got a great part-time job, you can write about that too!

However if you are really stumped for ideas, why not try using one of these as a starting point:

  • Food & drink: weekly food shop, best coffee shops, deals and discounts.

  • Tours & diaries: campus tours, my life in a day, commuting to uni.

  • Tips & advice: how to budget, what to pack, open day tips.

  • Lifestyle: staying healthy, stress management, clubs and societies.

  • Studying: library/facilities, study methods, exam preparation.

Hope this has given you some inspiration to start getting some words together for the students of the future!

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