1 Unibuddy Ambassador Scheme

If you’d like to join Unibuddy as an Ambassador, you’ll first need to be invited by your universities Unibuddy Admin. There may be opportunities for current student ambassadors, or there may be recruitment for a new team of Unibuddy ambassadors. Please ask your admin for more information on this.

1.1 Invitation for Ambassador Account

Once you have been invited by your admin, you can follow the link in your inbox to create your account.

Your Unibuddy profile is a snapshot of the following:

  • Personality.

  • Information about your course.

  • Nationality.

  • Languages.

  • Favourite classes.

  • Hobbies & interests.

When prospects visit the Unibuddy page on your university’s website, they can read your profile and get in touch via the ‘Chat with...’ button. The more information you can provide, the better, so don’t hold back. For more information on what information to include in your profile, please see here.

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